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Helping Children Feel Safe and Heal

At Step Up Ventura, we are fortunate to be able to serve children and their families

experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Below is one example of how we help provide our children the skills and tools to succeed.

Three year-old Mark's cries on the playground alarmed our Step Up Ventura worker. When she got to Mark, he was crumpled on the ground, surrounded by friends talking about how Bobby had pushed him.

Scooping Mark up, our worker held him close, speaking softly to him while Bobby and the other children went back to playing. Once Mark was calm and ready to play again, our worker asked Bobby to join Mark and her.

They talked about Mark feeling sad and scared when he fell and that pushing isn't safe. Bobby said pushing Mark was like being a bully. With our worker's guidance, Mark told Bobby he didn't want to be pushed by his friends and Bobby said he wanted to be a safe friend. The boys smiled and went off to play.

Children traumatized by homelessness and unstable family situations need ways to feel safe and heal. At Step Up Ventura, we emphasize feelings and building trustworthy relationships.

Mark and Bobby now have a way to be better friends and make the world a little safer for them both.

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