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Thank you to the fundraising TEAM.

The Decadent Dessert Harvest Fundraiser is over! We raised quite a bit of funds for our program supporting homeless babies and preschoolers.

We could not have done any of it without an amazing volunteer team. Special shout out to Kate, our Volunteer Coordinator, for wrangling all of us.

Thank you to our pre-event volunteers:

Corrine and Beck for making calls to request donations

Jenifer, Debbie, Kate, Jan, Diana, Becky, Simone, Eric, and Judy for picking up donated items

Alicia for the making the lovely banners. Judy for decorations. Debbie for beautiful floral vases. David for the slide show.

Silent auction team for requesting donations, donating, and putting amazing baskets and items together: Marina, Judy, Jan, Joan, Liz, David, Diana, Chris, Mary, Kate, Jenifer, and Debbie for preparing all the bid sheets. Thank you – Marina, Jennifer, and Corrine for running it.

Event Day Team – You came through and we had a wonderful event:

Before guests arrived, our volunteers were busy. Thank to our setup team: Kelyla, Sandra, Linda, Maritza, Tyler, Corrine, Jennifer, David, Diana, Marina, Jan, Joan, Mary, and Kate.

Our welcome crew included Terri, Evelyn, and Diana. Tending bar were Mary Jo and Jennifer. Photobooth courtesy of Wendy Eales. Photographers were Carina and Michael. Amazing dance music thanks to DJ Carlos.

Our kitchen team who kept those platters full included Sandra, Maritza, Tyler, and Jenifer.

To all the volunteers who stayed to help clean-up – thank you. Hopefully, you took home a few sweets.

We could not have made any of this happen without the support of the staff at Step Up Ventura. Thank you to Mary, Kate, Maria, and Alicia for all you do.

Thank you for sharing your precious time to help support an amazing program that truly helps the most vulnerable in our community.

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