We received funding in the summer of 2017 that will allow us to move ahead this fall with our all day, year-round program to provide homeless children and their families attachment-based, trauma informed services. We will be housed at Magic Carousel Preschool and Academy in Midtown Ventura, where the children we serve will be enrolled.

Come to our ribbon cutting and open house at Magic Carousel at 1767 E. Main Street in Ventura on Saturday, August 26, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm!

outreach program

We launched our Outreach Program October 31, 2016. We now have two Outreach teams providing early intervention services to young homeless children and their parents.   

Our two-person teams have specialists in mental health and early childhood education. They meet with homeless parents and their children, covering practical information and doing hands on activities that address the specific needs of their children. We give books and other educational aids promoting learning and healthy brain development to the parents so that throughout the week they can practice things they learn in the Outreach meetings. The Outreach meetings also give parents guidance on connecting with their children in positive ways, healing from trauma and developing social- emotional skills in very young children.

day care and preschool program

Step Up Ventura will help infants, toddlers, and young children develop secure attachments and overcome the traumas they have faced. Magic Carousel Preschool has generously offered a location and staff, but we still need $50,000 to open. Please give generously!

Our program offers nurturing, calming, and appropriately stimulating activities throughout the day with specially trained early childhood educators, caregivers, and mental health workers.

Step Up Ventura requires parent involvement. Parents learn to understand and care for their children with interventions specifically targeted to early childhood brain development and healthy parent-child attachments.

Children also:

  • Build pre-literacy skills and vocabulary
  • Increase creativity
  • Develop self-control
  • These skills advance academic, social, emotional and behavioral school readiness