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The Need for Step Up Ventura

There are about 6,000 children under five affected by homelessness in Ventura County. Children are living doubled up in temporary living situations, transitional housing, shelters, uninhabitable places, and on the street.

Generally, by age five, these children:

  • Have a vocabulary deficit of 10,000 words compared to housed children

  • Are emotionally stressed with 20% having a diagnosable mental illness

  • Are developmentally delayed and/or unready for kindergarten

They are at risk for:

  • Higher rates of acute illnesses and mental health difficulties

  • Attachment difficulties and relationship problems

  • School problems in learning and behaviors

These factors lead to high risk for:

  • Homelessness as adults

  • Drug and alcohol problems and/or abuse

  • Dropping out of school and/or legal problems

  • Difficulty with parenting

  • Unsafe, unstable relationships

The Need: Features
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One in every 20 children in California do not have a home.

Safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments are essential for children to thrive.  

(Image from VC Star)

Children experiencing homelessness lack the stability and support necessary to succeed academically.

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At Step Up Ventura we want to end homelessness one child at a time.

The education system plays a pivotal role in preventing homelessness. 

Without the commitment of donors, there can be no change for children. Your contribution is part of the solution.

The Need: Our Programs


Help Break the Cycle of Homelessness in Ventura County!

Thanks to you, children receive quality essential academic and therapeutic services so they can excel at school and are less likely to experience homelessness as adults.

We need your help to guide children impacted by homelessness and provide them with a sense of confidence and self-love which can last a lifetime. Your contribution is not only meaningful but significantly changes and shapes children’s lives.

  • $55 provides a week of one-on-one outreach interventions nurturing physical,

mental and emotional development

  • $150 provides a week of counseling and parent education groups

  • $550 provides one week of outreach services to ten families

  • $2,200 provides one month of outreach services to ten families

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​​Step Up Ventura is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and issues charitable tax receipts. Tax ID# 47-2705728

The Need: Our Programs

Watch our original founders and members, Judy Alexandre and Mary O. Kerrigan speak about the effects of homelessness on children and the need for Step Up Ventura.

The Need: Video
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